Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 840 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


Two automobiles start together at the same place and travel along the same route. The first averages 40 miles per hour, the second 55 miles per hour. How many miles further along the route is the second auto at the end of five hours?

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Find the total thickness of two pieces of wood that a carpenter glued together if one is 5/16 inch thick and the other is 7/8 inch thick.

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An average tub bath uses 8 gallons of water and an average shower uses 6 gallons. To provide baths for 60 people, how much more water will be needed if tubs are used instead of showers?

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A carpenter cut three 4 foot 6 inch shelves from a 14 foot board. How long a piece was left over?

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A father walks 36 miles in 12 hours while his son covers the same distance on a bicycle at twice the father’s rate of speed. At this rate, how many miles would the bicycle rider travel in 9 hours?

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A bird flies 2/3 of a mile per minute. How many miles per hour is it flying?

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Out of 20 attempts, a basketball player scored eight times. What percentage of his chances did he score?

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How many 36-passenger buses will it take to carry 144 people?

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If 12 people are needed to run four machines, how many people are needed to run 20 machines?

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A pole 24 feet high has a shadow eight feet long. A nearby pole is 72 feet tall. How long is it’s shadow?

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John is paid $26.00 for 8 hours work. How much should he be paid for working 37 hours at the same hourly wage?

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Soup ordinarily priced at two cans for 33 cents, may be purchased in lots of a dozen for $1.74. What are the savings per can when purchased this way?

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It costs John $13.50 to take Mary out for the evening. Sixty percent of this total was for theater tickets. What was the cost of each ticket?

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If the following series was continued in the same pattern, what is the next number in the series: 1, 10, 7, 16, ____?

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Mary worked a total of 16 1/2 hours during 5 days of the past week. What was her average workday?

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Section 2: Arithmetic Reasoning

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What is the Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Section of the AFQT?

The Arithmetic Reasoning subtest consists of 15 questions describing everyday life situations, which are designed to measure your reasoning skills and understanding of:

  • operations with whole numbers
  • operations with fractions and decimals or money
  • ratio and proportion
  • interest and percentage
  • measurement of perimeters, areas, volumes, and
    time and temperature

How does the AFQT prep test with Mast Station compare with the real AFQT test?

The preparatory test with Mast Station is a great way to gauge how you will do on the actual AFQT when enlisting. The exam here will be a shorter version (fewer questions) but very similar in the content, subjects, and format of questions. Getting a high score with Mast Station does not guarantee results on the actual AFQT exam, but does allow you to understand prepare better for the exam. 

How Will I Know My Results

After you complete all the sections in this preparatory exam, you will receive an email with the results to the email address that you enter after you complete the exam. Additionally, if you were sent a link to take this exam by your recruiter, they will also receive your results and should contact you directly. Please do not contact Mast Station for questions about your exam or scores. All questions should be directed to the recruiter that assigned you this exam. 

Here are the steps you should take, depending on your AFQT score on the first practice test:

  • If your AFQT is below 29, you need more help in reading and/or math. You should spend plenty of time reviewing the lessons and practice questions found in this book.
  • If your AFQT is 29–31, be sure to focus on your weakest subjects in the review lessons and practice questions that are found in this book.
  • If your AFQT is above 31, review the areas that give you trouble.

Understanding the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) Score

All branches of the military compute your AFQT score—the one that determines whether or not you can enlist—in the same way. Only the Verbal Expression (which you determined by adding Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension scores and then converting to a scaled score), Arithmetic Reasoning, and Mathematics Knowledge scaled scores count toward your AFQT.

Understanding the ASVAB

ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude test battery consisting of nine subtests. Five of these
subtests—General Science, Auto and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension, Assembling
Objects, and Electronics Information—are designed to determine what your aptitudes are for different
jobs. However, only four of the ASVAB subtests—Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge—count toward your Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score, which
determines whether or not you can enlist in the military

Where Are The Tests Taken?

There are around 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations, commonly referred to as MEPS, where the ASVAB is taken. There are scattered throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico and are controlled by the Department of Defense. All tests taken at these sites are administered via a computer.

What Should I Bring?

A valid government-issued identification is required in order to register to take the exam. However, any other personal items, including any study material or a calculator, should be left at home or in your vehicle.

When is it Scored?

If you have taken the ASVAB using a computer, you will get your test results as soon as you finish the exam at the testing site. However, if you have taken it via the paper and pencil form, you will have to wait until your battery has been sent to a MEPS and scored. Your recruiter will then be notified as to when your results will be available to you.

How To Prepare?

The first step is to complete your test with Maststation and see how well you score. Your recruiter should automatically receive your scores once the test has been completed in its entirety and will assist you with additional preparation if needed.

Additional Preparation for ASVAB Test Online Prep Course

If you want to be fully prepared, there are many courses online that offer a complete course prep. These courses are designed to provide you with every resource you will need to pass the ASVAB. These Courses should include:

  • In-Depth Lessons Covering all the Topics
  • ASVAB Practice Questions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Electronic Flashcards
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Free Mobile Access