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Army Graduation Gift Ideas

Army Basic Training Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from Army basic training is a big deal for anyone and everyone related (either as a direct family or close friend) to the graduate.

However, figuring out the perfect Army graduation gift can be a difficult choice.

Racking your mind for what they may need throughout their time in the army or what they can use throughout that time can be exhausting.

Luckily, you stumbled across this article that will give you nine different ideas for your loved one who just graduated from the Army’s basic training.

These are all things that that loved one may need or want for their time in the army and even their time at home.

All of these Army graduation gifts are practical and will be appreciated by whoever you gift them to.

1. Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

gascan sunglasses - army graduation gift ideas

Everyone needs a good, go-to pair of sunglasses, especially those who have to work outside a lot of their day.

If you are searching for long-lasting sunglasses then Oakley is the perfect brand to go to.

These sunglasses by Oakley are ones that will last through everything.

The Oakley Gascan Sunglasses have sharp edges and straight lines so that they wrap around the face effectively without the risk of falling off.

These sunglasses have a lightweight frame material so they don’t leave those annoying lines on your nose or hurt your ears.

Since the lenses are polarized they will be able to shield out the sun without making it more difficult to see things around you.

If your graduate is someone who needs to wear prescription lenses all the time there is an option for that too.

Depending on the prescription there will not be much of an upcharge either!

These glasses are $166 for the most basic kind but that isn’t bad.

With the legendary Oakley name and how long these glasses last $166 is a deal!

Buy them here:

2. Casio G-Shock Analog Step Tracker Watch

gshock watch - army boot camp graduation gift idea

Another great Army graduation gift idea is a watch, specifically a G-Shock watch.

G-Shock watches are worn by many of the men and women serving in nearly every branch of the US military.

The Casio G-Shock Analog Step Tracker Watch may sound like a long name but it has a lot of features.

It will be able to help you track time and your daily cardio, it really is a two in one deal.

Not only is this a great watch for those who are always on the go and working hard, but it is also a fitness tracker.

Generally, fitness trackers can cost hundreds of dollars but this one is only $120 for the basic model.

With a soft and adjustable band that is always secure around the wrist, it is perfect for everyday wear.

No matter what you are doing that day you never have to worry about losing your watch.

Some of the features of this watch include a step counter, alarms, stopwatch, and a calorie counter as well.

To make things even more accessible you can access all of these things through the G-SHOCK smartphone app as well after purchasing.

This is a smartwatch that instead looks like a tactical watch.

Pick it up for only $120 at Dicks Sporting Goods, here’s a link to buy:

3. Swiss Army Knife Evolution S54

swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife is something that is a universally good gift.

The sheer mention of the name and everyone knows exactly what you are talking about and there are many different models to choose from.

This one was chosen for the list due to being the classic model with over 30 functions inside of it.

The universal uses of these knives and the survival aspect that went into creating them make them a must-have, especially for those in the military.

This specific Swiss Army Knife was designed to be ergonomically comfortable with 32 different functions while staying on the smaller side.

Some of the functions of this 32 function Swiss Army Knife include having a compass, a toothpick, a keyring, a knife, a corkscrew, a metal file, a metal saw, pliers, ruler, and a can opener.

There are so many more uses with this Swiss Army Knife that it can appeal to almost anyone.

There is so much one is able to do and achieve with one of these it is a great option for only $100.

Here’s a link to pick one up:

4. Coast 760-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight

rechargeable flashlight

Coming in at only $80 for one of these flashlights this is the most affordable option on this list thus far, and with the battery included it makes it an even better deal!

It also makes it ready to use for whoever you are gifting it to.

This flashlight has a pure beam that can go from a wide flood beam and then switch back to a sport mode as well.

With the ability to dim and brighten this is a very versatile flashlight and gift.

Although this is considered a long charge flashlight a great aspect of this flashlight is that there is the option for rechargeable batteries as well as alkaline batteries so there is always a backup option.

This means that if your rechargeable battery runs out while using it you always have the option of putting in extra batteries.

The run time for the rechargeable battery is 2 hours on high and 26 hours on low.

Coming in at only half a pound and only about 6″ long makes it easy to carry around for whenever one may need it.

You can pick it up at Lowe’s for only $79.97, here’s a link to buy:

5. Army PT Gear

army pt gear

For those in the Army or any other active job, new workout clothes are always appreciated.

The old ones start to stink and just end up not fitting as well anymore.

Which makes this shirt and these shorts a great gift option.

Together these items only add up to $44, the shirt is $20 and the shorts are $24, therefore it is a very affordable option on this list.

Both are lightweight so they will never drag you down while working out.

This also works to keep you feeling cool and not overheat while moving around.

Staying fresh seems to be a theme with these shorts as well since they are moisture-wicking.

The shorts also have two interior pockets for IDs and a drawstring waist so they always fit perfectly.

The sizes these are available in a range from small to 2XL which makes this a very versatile and easy gift.

Pick one up on the Armed Forces Super Store here:

6. Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch

leatherman tread tempo

This watch comes out to about $400. If you are willing to spend a bit more this watch is both practical and beautiful.

Anyone would appreciate this as an Army graduation gift.

This is described as a multi-tool watch that is semi-customizable so it can work for many different people on many different levels.

Each of the links on the band part of the watch is different, meaning that they each have a different purpose.

Because of each having a different purpose they are also customizable to what your graduate may want most handy.

Some of those purposes include different sized screwdrivers and wrenches, a file, a bottle opener, and a strap cutter.

It is essentially a Swiss Army Knife in a watch form. This a great joining of style and utility for the everyday man or woman.

Pick it up on the official Leatherman website here:

7. KA-BAR 120th Anniversary US Army Knife

army graduation gift - kabar knife

This is a great knife for those who are on the more nostalgic side.

As an anniversary knife for the US Army, it comes engraved with special images and comes with a specialized handle.

These things will only be found on this knife.

This is a 7″ blade that is 0.165″ thick it is also very useful and versatile.

The handle length is 4-1/4″ making the overall length of the knife 11-7/8″.

The grind of the knife is flat and the blade material is 1095 Cro-Van Steel.

This knife is engraved with commemorative knife features such as the U.S. Army name and the brand name “KA-BAR.”

There are also pictures engraved onto the knife such as a bear and a union shield which makes it a nice collectible.

It also comes with an engraved leather sheath making it that much more memorable.

Pick one up at Palmetto State Armory, here’s a link:

8. Bulldog BD920 Tactical Deluxe Range Bag

bulldog range bag

Since being in any branch of the military can involve a lot of shooting, a range bag is a great idea for a graduation gift.

The Bulldog BD920 Tactical Deluxe Range Bag has a 21-ounce Nylon construction, so that it is not easily worn or broken.

With an inside size of 22″L x 11″W x 9″H, it is able to hold a lot for anyone who chooses to use it.

There are also multiple exterior pockets that can hold little things and add to the total amount of space available.

This bag is able to hold shooting glasses, ear muffs, and 12 boxes of shotgun shells with no issues.

Whether your graduate uses it for that or not it is shown to have quite a lot of room.

This $99 bag has cotton web handles and straps that are difficult to break so it is very long-lasting.

The sides and top are also padded with foam so that any breakables inside of the bag have an extra layer of protection.

Pick it up on the Cabela’s website here:

9. U.S. Honor U.S. Army Valiant Cap

army hat - boot camp graduation gift ideas

A staple for those who are in the U.S. Army is the Honor hat and that has not changed over the years.

This is a 100% acrylic hat that will be helpful to them while in the Army and after.

It is also a nice representative of who they are and what they stand for.

There is of course the classic U.S. Army logo with the established date.

Along with the digital camo accents, it has some style and uniqueness to it without overdoing it.

Since the Army is the oldest branch of the American military many wear this hat with pride just as they should.

Your graduate is now a part of this prideful branch of the military and they would appreciate being able to show it daily.

It is an easy way for your loved one to represent what they stand for and it is only $20.

A perfect Army graduation gift, you can pick up one of these on the Bass Pro Shop official website here:


There are many great products on this list to give as an Army graduation gift.

Most of these gifts would appeal to those who also are not graduates but have a love for the Army or the outdoors.

There are gifts on here for any price point as well which makes things much easier.

If you are looking for something on the cheaper side there is the $20 Army hat or the $44 Army outfit that both have great features.

If you are looking to splurge there is the $400 watch that doubles as a screwdriver and wrench.

No matter what price point you are looking at gifts through all nine of these gift ideas will be greatly appreciated.

This is a big point in someone’s life, they are now officially in the Army and ready to set out on their own.

These are all practical gifts for your loved ones who just graduated from Army basic training.

I hope this article was able to help you find that perfect gift for this occasion.